Term 3 2018, Liverpool Public School - Week 4

This week, we began with designing mini-costumes of animals from tropical waters of the students’ choice. They worked in pairs or trios to complete the designs. We had a lot of students this week - they were very enthusiastic about creating something for display. We are starting to get regular students who return each week but we are also gaining more. One of the parents had created origami creatures of land animals for the children. He showed the students how to make a kind of coral shaped fan from origami which was wonderful – having a parent actively engaging like this and showing the students a skill is just wonderful. 


We then had students begin their designs. Converting a 2D design to a 3D design was demonstrated to the students, showing how to cut shapes out so that there would be overlaps to attach.

We finished off with a song called I wish I was a fish. Many of the younger students love to colour in, preferring this to the open designs/creations. We also learnt about sea stars and their radial symmetry as many of the students chose sea stars to colour in!