Term 3 2018, Liverpool Public School - Week 9

This week we started our session with a colouring-in activity. The students were colouring different kinds of fish, cut them out and then stuck them on a lollipop sticks. The students used those fish in their performance in the second part of the session. We played the story that we had recorded earlier and the students, using their characters (the crab, dolphin, turtle, shark, starfish, small fish), performed the story.


We also did this term’s evaluation. The students answered three questions, and stuck them onto a huge cardboard turtle. The questions and some answers were:

1)      How do you feel at Wandering Books?

  • I feel very happy because we are learning about sea creatures.

  • Ahh if you ask me I will say “I love this place, I love colouring, and crafting and many more”.

  • I like this place because I learn so much about art and craft and enjoy myself.

2)      What have you learnt at Wandering Books?

  • I learnt how to cut better.

  • I learnt to know more fish and learnt about different places in the sea and more knowledge.

  • I learnt about this place, I learn some fish and water and had some new friends to play and to make art and craft.

3)      What do you want to do next term?

  • Next term I want to learn about nature and land animals.

  • I want to dance and sing.

  • I want to do origamis.

The parents have also shared their opinions using their own languages as shown below (translated into English):

  • This group is to help and encourage the kids. They are doing a great job. Thanks to all the coordinators.

  • It was a wonderful experience for me and my kids. We enjoyed every moment in this program and we wish to see more of that in the future. Good luck and thanks heaps.

  • Hey!! This is a wonderful idea Ayat and I love it ... and the ladies are so helpful and loving ... should keep it up.

  • This was written in Arabic: “A beautiful educational program for kids, which allows students to know more and to develop more friendships”.

  • This also was written in Arabic: “A very nice and purposeful educational program. I thank everyone who had a role in preparing this program, I was happy and really loved this experience. Thank you again and I wish you all the best and success with all your work which benefited and gave joy to all students”.