Term 3 2018, Marsden Road Public School - Week 8

This week we made invitations for our screening next week. We had cards for the kids to fold and colour in and decorate with English and Arabic stickers with all the details.

The kids and parents enjoyed teaching the English-speaking facilitators how to read the invitations in Arabic and listening to them make mistakes and learn.


We made a big boat out of cardboard. The kids enjoyed making it “drive in the water” and we talked about different words for boats in different languages. We then laid the boat down and I asked the kids questions in English and Arabic and they wrote their answers on the boat. The questions were:

1)      How do you feel when you do these workshops?

2)      What did you learn here?

3)      What would you like to do next term?

They asked for another question, so we suggested ‘Someone who you met at Wandering Books’. The kids were excited to draw and write on the boat and some of them started drawing pretty pictures or writing other words they knew like dog and cat.