Term 3 2018, Marsden Road Public School - Week 9

This week was the last week of term! We read from the board in English and Arabic (the kids taking turns).

1)      Eat, chat, colour in

2)     Read a story with Harri and Afaf

3)     Watch our movie! (2 times)

4)     Play outside

The kids did amazingly at reading and translating into Arabic. It’s so good to see the kids keeping hold of their Arabic.


Some kids came to the floor to read a story. They really enjoyed reading sentences on their own and then hearing the Arabic translation. We tried to hurry the story and suggested just hearing it in English. They said, “No!!!” It was really fun.

The kids enjoyed watching the movie we made and as usual, were very enthusiastic and shouted when they could see themselves on screen. One of the younger siblings screamed with joy a few times which made the kids laugh and smile. The response from the parents about the movie was fantastic and there were a lot of laughs!