Term 4 2018, Liverpool Public School - Week 4

Had a lovely afternoon. The kids made characters/puppet-esque things. It was nice being so free and they got really creative! All the kids did things so different to one another and it was really cool to see. They got really into it and were more focused on that than on story stuff for a good chunk of time.


We then re read our chapters and then I gave the kids a sheet on “make your own story” which had words they could fill out. I tried to make a mix of easy descriptors like I sat down on my ___ bed (comfy, cosy, soft, hard, warm, etc.) and then more free things like In Big Brother’s dream he saw ___________ (and left lots of space). The kids were so sweet doing it. The hall went silent and kids were spread around the room, lying on the floor, up on the stage just writing and writing.