Term 4 2018, Marsden Road Public School – Week 5

We had a wonderful session today. We were going to make characters to tell stories with. I had made an example SpongeBob that I copied from the kids at Liverpool the previous week!


I liked today that the kids kind of did want they wanted and were very free. Most did make characters but in all different ways. Some just drew characters, others used lots of those recycled seafood stickers again, others did lots of cutting and pasting, and some even religiously coloured a single colour for long stints at a time to achieve what they wanted to make!


At the end of the session we played dress ups out on the outdoor stage with a huge amount of dress ups I had brought. The kids loved it. They even dressed me up! They took turns wearing different costumes and some of the parents and Afaf got involved too. They were running around and laughing. Some of the kids tried to look scary, others were being royalty with crowns. They kept asking me to take pictures of them!