Term 4 2018, Liverpool Public School - Week 7

The kids made their invitation cards using the stickers Afaf kindly printed in English and Arabic. I had leftover scraps of glitter foam that the kids used to make frames and hearts and other decorations. We also had some leftover stickers.


I brought a big roll of brown paper and some of the kids laid down and we traced the shape of their bodies. They loved this a lot and all wanted a turn but we ran out of paper! I think we did about 4 or 5 kids. All the kids who were still left gathered around the body and I asked them questions and they wrote their answers. They really seemed to enjoy it and were asking for more questions!

I asked:

  • How do you feel when you are at Wandering Books?

  • What do you enjoy doing at Wandering Books?

  • What other things would you like to do next year or what could we do better?

  • What was something you learnt?


We had lovely positive feedback about the art and how much they enjoyed it.