Term 4 2018, Marsden Road Public School – Week 6

This week was a fairly crazy week! We set up the room for painting and luckily managed to make no mess- phew! I was a little worried about getting paint on the carpet.

The kids enjoyed painting. Some used their hands, some did landscapes and intricately mixed colours to make new colours.


We did some stuff with the boomwhackers but it was just so crazy. I got them to copy me in a rhythm exercise. Then we went around the circle and one by one played a little something. The kids were ok at not interrupting but struggled to be chill when it wasn’t their turn!


I let them go in groups and come up with something to show the rest of us. This was fun. The coolest part of this bit was when all the kids spontaneously lined up all their boomwhackers into one long instrument and got me to sing into it. They were hysterically laughing and taking turns listening into the end. We then took turns showing the group what we had come up with. They ended up being mostly individuals obviously making something up on the spot but it was cool and super cute.