Term 4 2018, Marsden Road Public School – Week 7

Today was one of the most lovely afternoons I’ve ever had with this group. It was a smaller group than usual which meant the kids all got way more attention and they thrived on that.

We made beautiful name artworks with glitter foam and stickers and textas and some random junk stickers I found at reverse garbage which the kids loved!


Some of the kids started playing a game where they would write on the big orange junk stickers what I had done that was naughty. Then they stuck it on me and made me “go to jail” (ie. the storeroom) while laughing their heads off! I would pretend to cry and say I didn’t do anything wrong.

They would sometimes come into the room, hitting me with a soft noodle toy and laughing. I would put my arm theatrically out of the door and say “no no I’ll be good I promise!”. Then I would come out and bow and they would say “good show!” and clap. It was very hilarious. It was really cool to see them work together to spell the things to write on the naughty sticker and they were so engaged with doing it.


We then sang a lot to Herman the Worm on YouTube which I didn’t think the kids would know but they did and luckily they loved it. Then the kids got to choose songs to sing or dance to. It was so cute. They were really into those dancing ones where it shows you the dance (from a game I think) and were enthusiastically dancing along!

All the parents seemed very happy and relaxed. All round today felt extremely relaxed and like a happy family. Everything felt calm but also fun and connected.