Term 2, Marsden Road Public School - Week 4

Today's session had an outstanding turnout - a massive group filled with enthusiasm and eagerness!

The kids made wonderful astronaut helmets; crafting and designing them out of paper bags for the costumes that would be then used in the movie.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 2.09.55 PM.png

They moved into another activity: playing the recorders and note reading. They learnt about note rests, how to follow the conductor and reading the music, focusing on the notes, instead of their instrument. 

After the musical activities, the kids moved into practising the movie script all together in preparation for filming. Reading the script out aloud a few times over really helped build up the confidence in the kids, in turn making them enjoy the project! They seemed to enjoy it hugely, and were really getting into expressing themselves to fit the story.

During the run throughs of the script, we went over some grammar skills again - exclamation marks, questions marks and full stops. The kids then practiced their roles; who would say the alien parts and who would be the astronauts. Finally after role allocations and teamwork, it came to the end of our session and we planned to get this show on the road in the next week; to start filming scenes, recordings and music!