Term 3 2019, Liverpool Public School – Week 9

This week was our final week and it was sad to say goodbye (for now) to the kids. They loved watching the movie on the big screen and were in absolute stitches laughing! We watched it a few times.

Week 9 img 1.JPG

Some of them coloured in the invitations I had made but most of them enjoyed just hanging out and lots of them wrote on the board. They were writing their names in their own languages .

week 9 img 2.jpg
Week 9 Img 3.JPG

They were so happy and there was lots of laughter.

One of the mums, said how wonderful the program has been and how good it is for the kids and their creativity, happiness and socialization.

week 9 img 4.JPG
week 9 img 5.jpg