Term 3 2019, Liverpool Public School – Week 3

Today’s session was great! We had a new family, a mum and two girls who were very keen and loved their time at Wandering Books. They said they “adored it” and “really really loved being creative”. They enjoyed the music and art equally.

Week 3 Image 1.JPG

We played glockenspiels today, the kids wanted to learn twinkle twinkle little star so I wrote it on the board and we worked on it together and separately. They enjoyed playing it for the group one by one. Some needed encouragement as they found it a little hard but seemed very chuffed and rewarded when they did get it.

Week 3 Image 2.JPG

The kids coloured in these beautiful sheets. These are going to be the candy land creatures. It was very relaxing and we all sat, sometimes in complete silence, colouring. The kids were begging not to leave and saying it felt like ten minutes only had passed!