Term 3 2019, Liverpool Public School – Week 4

We started with colouring our sweet creatures - which most people did for the whole session, in such a relaxed way, with parents and our volunteers. The kids enjoyed slowly choosing the exact colour they wanted and they really made some masterpieces!!

We then read the story and lots of the girls joined in to dramatically read it out.

Week 4 Photo 1.jpg

We then did some glockenspiel playing.

I wrote the cave song and the candy land song on the board and we worked hard to get it right. The kids enjoyed focusing on getting it right and enjoyed doing the note sliding glissando.

I tried to get the group playing the music together! It was tricky for them to play different parts of the song at the same time to accompany each other but they did really well when we passed the melody one by one around the group. We even did it backwards! It was nice to see parents playing instruments.

Week 4 Photo 2.jpg